US Domestic banking for CBD eCommerce

                                                          We work exclusively in the high risk space

                                  We’ve been servicing CBD -VAPE & MMJ merchants for over a decade


                                                                 Yes, you read that right: CBD vape merchants!

Until now card-not-present merchants selling CBD hemp products have not been allowed to process card payments for vape and related products through traditional merchant accounts. This is not the case anymore! CBD merchants selling vapes and related products can now accept credit card payments for all orders. We are the premier payment solutions company that excels in tailoring solutions to the cannabis, CBD and hemp industry. We ensure compliance and continuity with state-of-the-art technologies, by partnering with banks that understand the underwriting process for cannabis products, and through continuous monitoring of the shifting legal landscape for cannabis sales.





  • Quick underwriting gets your account approved fast.
  • No offshore accounts, and no excessive transaction declines.
  • Capture more Credit Card Sales
  • Turnkey integration into all major shopping carts.
  • No 10% reserves
  • 24/7 tech support
  • No funding delays or predatory pricing.
  • We Offer I/C or flat rates
  • Complete Banking relationship
  • Our own Full-featured payment gateway 
  • Complete POS systems
  • eCommerce for high volume Vape & MMJ merchants

 BEST RATES for high risk merchants-we provide total banking & eCommerce solutions                                                                       

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